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Nalco Systems DOOEL founded in 1989 and headquartered in Skopje is leading provider of central heating and cooling and energy saving systems. Nalco Systems includes few subsidiaries and sales offices in the Republic of Macedonia. As one of the early modem company, Nalco has undergone many transformations; starting from IT provider early at the beginning, today we are general distributors for Siemens brand in Republic of Macedonia. Nalco SYSTEM is one of the few companies in the Republic of Macedonia capable of offering complete solution for installation, control and maintenance of the systems. After 10 years of experiences in the area of network building, green house specialization, central system installation and professionalism, we have many successful stories:
Residential Building of the President of Republic of Macedonia
Hotel Casino Flamingo Gevgelija (Macedonia)
Hotel Casino Princess Gevgelija (Macedonia)
Hotel Karpos Skopje (Macedonia)
Hotel Radika Mavrovo (Macedonia)
Hotel Saraj New York College (Macedonia)
Alkaloid A.D. Skopje (Macedonia)
IK Banka Skopje (Macedonia)
NLB Tutunska Banka Skopje (Macedonia)
Mercedes Business Building Skopje (Macedonia)
BMW Business Building Skopje (Macedonia)